Alayna is working on the rabbit breeding initiative and is now
partnered with one of the youth, Joseph, to expand the project within
the youth co-op and get it ready for higher production and sales.
There are currently 17 young and fully grown rabbits in the hutches,
along with one bunch of newborn kits (6 or 7). Currently these rabbits
are not being sold or consumed since many restaurants/hotels want to
buy in larger quantity. So today we are in the process of building 20
new hutches and creating an organized binder with spreadsheets for
Joseph to keep records of feedings, breeding, input/output expenses,
etc. so he can track his business expenses efficiently. Joseph is
harworking and dedicated and, with any luck, he'll be ready to sell
rabbits to Hotel Outspan within a few months time. The CYEC will also
be purchasing rabbits from Joseph as a way to supplement the
children's diet with more lean meat.
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