On Friday we visited Amiran, a corporation which has a corporate social responsibility to help food production in Kenya.  They buy bulk material and put together high tunnels with drip irrigation.  They have successfully targeted small farmers who can’t afford to buy the material any other way.  Amiran rarely works with larger agriculture corporations.  The kits are a 48,000Ksh ($6,000) investment which Amiran claims the farmers are able to pay back in six months time if they follow the suggestions of the corporation.

 The kits include a variety of materials to help farmers grow successful crops.  These include the following; high tunnel materials, a gravity fed drip irrigation system, a collapsible water tank, a hand operated sprayer, a variety of high quality seeds, a set of flats for seedlings, high quality fertilizers, target pesticide chemicals, and a safety kit.  The kit provides farmers with suggested amounts of fertilizer and pesticide application rates. When farmers purchase the package they also get training on how to apply the chemicals properly and to be aware of environmental problems that may arise.  Training on record keeping of production and chemical application is also included.

 Many farmers have shown that buying this package has been beneficial to their farming business.  An advantage of buying the Amiran package is that the Agro-consulting services are available to do checkups if the farmer has problems with the equipment.  This is unlike the Kenyan extension services that don’t provide checkups as promised.  Some of the draw backs to buying a kit include the large investment which put the small farmers at risk.  Also, Amiran is incapable of reaching the smallest subsistence farmers who are not able to acquire adequate loans for the kit.  Overall Amiran looks like a promising supplier for the CYEC.

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