On our first day in Nairobi, May 19th, 2011, our group travelled to KARI look into different drip irrigation systems. The institute looks at different irrigation systems, especially for small scale farmers, which can increase the productivity of a farm. KARI has 5 main drip irrigation systems, 4 of which that sell. The kits are bucket kits, drum kits, one eighth acre kits, quarter acre family drip irrigation kits, and quarter and half acre family orchard drip irrigation kits. The main difference in the kits is the scale that can reach and the amount of parts that are included in the kit. The kits mainly come with a filter, sub main, drip lines and connectors and cost anywhere from $95.00 for the smallest kit to $630.00 for the largest kit.

The drip irrigation systems work so that there will be a tank of water 5 – 10 meters off the ground and uses gravity pressure to distribute the water through pipes and hoses. The hoses travel through the crop beds and there is a hole that water drips out of when the kit is turned on to water the crops. The hoses do have some issues in terms of clogging of the holes or salinization. In order to avoid clogging, the holes are places on the top of the hose so that it does not directly touch the soil.

KARI offers other technology for enhancing the productivity of crops like high tunnels. The high tunnels secure crops from outside damage and provide a productive growing environment. There are nets on the side that also prevent pests from coming into the tunnel. Some disadvantages are the need for more disease prevention and you need a large investment, so you need a large return to get your money back.

The main purpose of KARI is to provide technologies to enhance the productivity for high yielding and high value crops for small scale farmers. Many small scale farmers do not have access to drip irrigation systems because the manufacturers only make the kits for large scale production. However, with KARI small scale farmers will have access to irrigation systems that can help them increase their yields.

Written By: Danielle Robertson

Patrick N. Karanja
4/25/2012 09:53:05 am

i intend to irrigate about 5 acres of land in Kiserian kajiado Kenya.How much would it cost me?


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10/2/2013 12:30:39 am

However, with KARI small scale farmers will have access to irrigation systems that can help them increase their yields.

7/15/2014 04:23:43 am

need a dripline to irrigate 1/4 acr
piece of land in mwea kirinyaga plz send me the quotation, its urgent

7/10/2015 04:08:32 am

I need drum kit to irrigate one acre piece of land. please send me quotation

james kirimi
11/27/2016 08:41:42 pm

please email the cost of a one acre drip
kit -low cost


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