I am working with John Thumbi on goat production. Thumbi currently has
7 diary goats, 4 females that are ready to be mated, 2 males, and 2
kids. Our main project right now is to build a new pen for the goats
that is more suitable to the cleaning and feeding activities. The
current house was broken down today, Friday, and the replacement will
hopefully be built within the next couple of days. The goats will
mostly provide milk, rather than meat. On Tuesday and Wednesday a goat
trainer came to the centre and taught a class on proper goat
production techniques. This class was really beneficial to the kids,
although not so much for me considering it was in Swahili. With the
help of Caroline, I have created sheets that will be used for record
keeping and the goats are on their way to being a great enterprise!

Written By: Danielle Robertson

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